Portable Digital Test Pencil Multifunction Electrical DC/AC Voltage Detector Tester

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Material: ABS
Color: Black/Grey
Size: 17.5*4.5 cm/ 6.88* 1.77'
AC Voltage Range: About 12 ~ 1000 V (manual mode sensitivity) about 48 ~ 1000 V (automatic mode sensitivity)
Frequency: 50 Hz/60 Hz
Alarm Mode: Sound and light alarm
Functions: Flashlight, automatic shutdown, battery under voltage indication
Zero line/Live lineJudgment: According to the signal strength, whether the live wire signal is firm
NCV Sensitivity: Automatic selection of three sensitivity (high, medium and low)
NCV Signal Strength Indication Mode: High (red), medium (yellow) and low (green) are indicated by different frequency alarm sounds and LED lights of different colors
Working Temperature: 0~40 ℃
Storage Temperature: -10~50 ℃
Altitude: <2000m
Power Supply: 1 × 9 V battery (attached)

1. High quality industrial absorbing materials.High sensitivity and robust sensor probe.Bright LED spotlight
2. To the signal density (low, medium, high), the beeper sounds at different frequencies to
3. To improve the quality of life. The problem of electricians is no longer a problem.
4. Application: electric energy measurement, voltage and current measurement, etc.

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1X Digital Test Pencil 

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