RobotDyn USB to TTL UART CH340 Serial Converter Micro USB 5V/3.3V IC CH340G Module

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If you want to connect a microcontroller via a USB cable, this board is what you need.
This USB to TTL bridge is a module, base on CH340 series USB-TTL bridge, and it is a budget solution for connecting micro-controllers and other digital serial devices to PC.
Direct access driver support is available >>>Click here<<< for the latest application notes and product support information for the CH340G.
This board uses 5V signal levels by default. Also tolerance for 3.3V logic level signals.
The board has power out for DC 5V and 3.3V. With the limit of currency 500mA.
USB to TTL CH340, 5V/3.3V - Serial Converter, with Micro USB socket.
Logic level tolerance for 3.3V and 5V, not need switching.
Base on USB converter IC CH340G, with frequency 12MHz.

USB-TTL Serial adapter: CH340G
Power Output: 3.3V-180mA, 5V-180mA
Power IN. USB: 5V
USB: Micro USB
Ports: 6
Operating temperature: −40С°/+85С°
Length×Width:  28×15.50mm
Package includes:
1 x Thyristor AC Switch Relay Module 
1 Year