Used: ALVA NANOFACE USB AUDIO INTERFACE - PC&Mac (Εκθεσιακό σε άριστη κατάσταση)

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The Alva Nanoface is a comprehensive audio and MIDI interface, which transmits 6 input channels and 6 output channels via USB 2.0. The input channels can be used with both the analogue XLR and RCA inputs (channels 1-4) equipped with highgreade preamps and with the digitale S/PDIF port (channels 5+6). Also a Hi-Z input (channel 1-4) is provided by the Alva Nanoface. Regarding the output the Alva Nanoface features a stereo headphone output (channels 3+4), RCA outputs (channels 1+2) and S/PDIF-connection (channels 5+6). The breakout cable of the Alva Nanoface includes one MIDI input and two MIDI outputs. So, the Alva Nanoface is ideal for MIDI-controlling and versatile recording applications.

Type USB

Conversion 24bit

Sampling 96kHz

Analog Inputs 2 x Stereo, 2 x Mic Preamp, 1 x Instrument

Analog Outputs 1 x Stereo Headphone, 1+2 (RCA)

Digital Inputs SPDIF (optical)

Digital Outputs SPDIF (optical)

Midi Ιn, Out

Phantom Power +48V Yes

Headphone outputs Yes 

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